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Mention the name ´La Fábrica´ to anyone in the Restaurant business and they will tell you it stands for quality, service and style.


Since the restaurant opened culinary guide books started including the restaurant as a reference point for serious foodies.


It has remained there ever since.


The restaurant's success lies in appealing to all palates with high quality ingredients and consistent cuisine that crosses culinary borders, but never goes out of style.


And we work hard to offer tremendous value:









De domingo a jueves / From Sunday to thursday

Entradas / Starters

Ensalada de queso de cabra con vinagreta de miel y mostaza con frutas pasificadas.
Goat cheese salad with honey and mustard vinaigrette with dried fruit.

Plato de cuchara del dia.
Traditional stew of the day.

Ensalada de tomate picado con cebolleta y melva.
Tomato salad chopped with chives and tuna.

Huevos rotos con patatas, setas y jamon.
Broken eggs with potatoes, mushrooms and ham.

Langostinos pil-pil.
Pil-pil prawns.

De segundo / main course

Hamburguesa de ternera La Fabrica.
Veal burger La Fabrica

Polio asado con verduras y patatas baby.
Roasted chicken with vegetables and baby potatoes.

Pescado del dia con guarnicion
Fish of the day with garnish

Risotto de hongos e ibericos.
Mushroom and Iberian risotto.

Entrecot nacional con verduritas y patatas baby.
National entrecote with vegetables and baby potatoes.

Postres I desserts

Cafe /coffee

Fruta de temporada
Season's fruits

Brownie de chocolate
Chocolate brownie

Arroz con leche
Sweet milk rice

16 Euros sin bebida
16 Euros without drinks



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Cuisine that crosses culinary borders but never goes out of style:

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